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GlobalG.A.P Solutions and Services

GlobalG.A.P is Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practices. Global GAP stands for Global Good Agricultural Practices. That is A certification scheme that applies to the Agro Based commodities (Fruits and Vegetables, Spices, Tea, Corn, Rice, Dates) Animal Feed, Camel Feed, Poultry, Fisheries etc. GlobalG.A.P is a (GFSI) Global Food Safety Initiative recognized standard and is applicable to single farmer growing a single crop to a group of farmers growing a single crop or multiple crops.

Approved Registered Trainers, Licensed Farms Assurer and Consultants

Farm Assurers are independent, on-site advisors and consultants who help producers navigate the steps necessary for implementing good agricultural practices and obtaining GlobalG.A.P. certification.

With first-hand knowledge of the GlobalG.A.P. system and the latest industry developments,

Farm Assurers use their expertise to simplify audit preparations and make the standard easier to understand.

Benefits and Advantages of GlobalG.A.P Certifications

Can you think of benefits and advantages of GlobalG.A.P certifications?

Here are benefits that a certification according to the new global standard implies

  • Add values to your products by complying with globally recognized GlobalG.A.P standards.
  • Reduce your exposure to food safety and product safety reputation risks.
  • Improve the efficiency of your farm processes and management.
  • Receive a GlobalG.A.P Number (GGN) for easy identification and traceability on B2B level.
  • Access all documents online, free of charge

Benefits to Work with GlobalG.A.P Approved Registered Trainers and Consultants

As a Registered Trainer we are expertly qualified to train farmers on the implementation of GlobalG.A.P. standards.

Registered Trainers are approved to provide trainings using GlobalG.A.P. training materials and are promoted by GlobalG.A.P

GlobalG.A.P consultants and Farm assurers helps producers, especially smallholder producers or producers new to standards, to:

  • Adopt good agricultural practices
  • Cut exposure to food safety risks
  • Comply with legislation regarding food safety
  • Gain access to local and regional markets
  • Provide more confidence to retailers/buyers, because

Services Sectors:


  • Aquaculture Hatcheries and Farms
  • Compound Feed Manufacturers.
  • GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody


  • Cattle and Sheep
  • Dairy
  • Poultry
  • Turkey
  • Livestock Transport
  • Calf and Young Beef


  • Agriculture Farms
  • Date Farms
  • Fruits and Vegetable Farms
  • Producers
  • Growers,
  • Greenhouses / Glass Houses
  • Processors,
  • Traders/Brokers,